Mission Statement:
To serve the needs of students studying in Singapore to help them excel in school through quality private education services at competitive prices.

Business Vision:

To help all students achieve academic improvements within six months of enrolment into the private tuition program.


Key Performance Measures (improvements within 6 months)

(I) Below Average (<50 marks) => Average ( 50 to 70 marks)
(II) Average (50 to 70 marks) => Good (70 to 85 marks)
(III) Good (70 to 85 marks) => Excellent ( > 85 marks)

Core Values:

  1. Service Excellence – We strive for the highest teaching standards and aim to use the best teaching methods to provide a courteous and friendly education service to our students.
  2. Student First – Our students are first and foremost in our minds and we will put our student’s learning and well-being our highest priority.
  3. Right Efforts – We believe in hard work and diligence in order to achieve the best in all of us.
  4. Betterment - There are always rooms for improvements, everyone in their unique and talented ways.